ReBoot: Forever
A new ReBoot artbook coming in July 2011!

In 2007, Beach Creative Studios produced The Art of ReBoot which was met with great fan reaction. Beach CS is proud to announce a second artbook titled ReBoot: Forever to be released this year!

ReBoot: Forever will consist of:
- An original, brand new cover by original ReBoot designer Brendan McCarthy (Judge Dredd, Spider-Man: Fever, Doctor Strange)
- More fantastic concept artwork from Brendan McCarthy, Studio B and others. Including an expanded Web World (Season 3) section.
- Commentary from co-creators Gavin Blair and Ian Pearson.
-An expanded ReBoot tribute gallery from well established animators, comicbook artists and illustrators.
- A 5 page storyboard sequence from Brendan McCarthy.

For all ReBoot artbook inquiries, please email Jim Su at

ReBoot TM characters, designs and likenesses © 2011 Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Beach Creative Studios, Inc. Copyright 2010. For all inquiries, please email Jim Su at

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